photographed before 25 May 2018 at public space in Europe

I have always been fascinated by observing the world around me. Thinking about other people's stories, what is in their minds and how do they feel at the moment.

So I naturally started taking photos of people in the streets and very soon discovered that special satisfactory feeling I have every time I make eye contact with the person I try to take a photo of.

It doesn't feel awkward or creepy to wait for the perfect moment. Because I have shot many more bad photographs than the good ones, it taught me that it just has to click between us.

And so here they are, the right ones, as a valuable part of "Life in Streets Before GDPR" project finished before data protection made it more difficult for the art of candid street photography.

All these images were taken for artistic purposes of candid street photography at public space before 25 May 2018. If you can identify yourself in any photograph and you don't like it and don't want it being published here as a part of "Life in Streets Before GDPR" project, please do not hesitate to contact me at I will delete the particular image from this website within 14 days since I receive your written request.

Although I do not have your written consent because of the nature of candid street photography and my photography style, I keep all photographs aligned with my ethical values. I have never intended to offend, embarrass or humiliate you.

On the contrary, my goal has always been to bring out your natural, unposed beauty, that I was able to see through my camera viewfinder at the exact moment of taking a picture of you.

If you find yourself in any photo above and like it, please let me know it is you. I am happy to keep in touch with you because, without you, I wouldn't be able to have these photographs. I am truly grateful for you. Thank you!