Shoot what you can't help but shoot. - Gregory Heisler

In today's world where photographers are pushed to have a specific niche to be known for more than ever before, I give myself the freedom to explore, stay curious and experiment. 

It helps me to put my thoughts and observations into a consistent theme throughout one project at a time and not be stressed that it is not what I usually do.

To be able to find what works for me, what fills me with joy and what subtly contributes to developing my personal style.

There are many beaches on Alderney and there is the one that won my heart. She is so unique, extraordinary, changing every day many times. She is wild and dangerous. She has a character.

I am obsessed with hands. In this project, I talk without words about 6 things that I believe we all have in common. That keeps us connected. To each other, to the universe, in loving flow.

Waiting for the perfect moment of eye contact that brings us together for a fraction of a second until it clicks between us. For my brain, full of endorphins, ready for another shot.