Lucie Stribrska


an Observer Documenting the World, the woman behind Life in Streets and Your Island Photographer

Since I can remember, I have had a curious mind who loves observing the world around me. Even as a grown woman, I haven't lost that childlike curiosity to explore. I still have the strong desire to discover places, always looking for details, searching for beauty in seemingly ordinary moments.

I am forever grateful to my dad for always having a camera with him. This led me to treasure photography in a number of ways. I've always found photography to be a vehicle by which you can preserve precious memories and a tool to never stop exploring the world. I find this helps me to convey what I see in a creative way.

Sometimes there are days when we feel overwhelmed, lost and anxious in this fast-paced world. I find that photography, whether the process of taking photos or even looking at printed ones, helps us to pause for a while, stop rushing, calm the mind that is full of restless thoughts and release the stress. 

This is not just a scientific study, it is also my own experience and probably yours as well.

Every time I take a photo, I have you - the potential viewer - in mind.
No matter if it's a portrait session of your dog in a freezing cold day by the sea, your first photos as a husband and wife in a golden glow of a sunset or just me observing the world around me, trying to experiment and convey emotions.

I think about you and it drives me forward in what I am doing.
If I can help at least one person feel better and find joy through my work, I know I've done a good job and for me that makes it all worthwhile.



As you've probably noticed, I was born in the Czech Republic and my name is quite difficult to pronounce (even for Czechs it is a bit tricky), so I wanted to come up with a name that would be easy to remember.

Hopefully, Life in Streets will make it easier for you as it represents my approach to photography. I find that the most impactful photographs are the ones that I capture spontaneously as I walk through the streets of life.

Your Island Photographer is the result of my love for living on islands and passion for meaningfully capturing what is important to you. And again, you don't have to try to pronounce my tongue-twistery surname ;)


based in Alderney, Channel Islands

I am sure you've heard a picture is worth a thousand words. What a cliche, right?

However, have you ever thought about how fulfilling it is to view precious moments you've shared together with your loved ones?
How many times in your life have you wished that you can have those precious memories documented so that you can enjoy the same feelings over and over again whenever you want?

It's much easier to recall those timeless moments with beautiful images.

Exactly this is the true reason why I am so obsessed with the magic I can create with a camera in my hands now, for your beautiful feelings later on.


Maybe you are like me and you prefer a beautiful photo in your hand over a digital one. I find having framed photographs on my wall stirs emotions in me everytime I walk by and look at them.

I appreciate being surrounded by images that remind me of what an amazing world we live in. Whether it is a place I like, a piece of nature that either calms me down or energizes me or even the details that show me the simple beauty of the life we live.

If you are looking for a piece of art that helps you take a step back, have a moment of thought and enjoy the moment, you might find one among my limited prints.


In the digital age we live in, I love that feeling when I open my mailbox (yep, the old school snail mail one) and find there is a postcard from someone who thought of me.

I also love writing and sending postcards and I would be honoured to send you a postcard every single month if you want to support my photography endeavours.

All the postcards I send to you are a part of my special collection of photos that I have not posted anywhere online before.

If you want me to be your postcard-pal, please click below, choose how you want to support me and become my patron. I really appreciate your support and am very grateful for your help, this enables me to spread the joy that I feel whilst creating photographs for you : )